In order to operate the JCR charges all its students a one off payment which covers your entire time here at John Snow College. The JCR then invests all monies collected back into the Junior Common Room through event subsidies, resource refurbishment or the development of services and provisions. Students typically find that the the JCR Levy will have “paid for itself” after an academic year at John Snow College. 

For 2017-2018 Academic year the JCR Levy will be £100 for UG and £30 for PG

For information on what being a member of the JCR entitles you to, please take a look at the information below

Heavily discounted event tickets for:

  • Fresher’s Week and Refresher’s events
  • Early access to weekly night tickets
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • Michealmas and Summer Ball
  • College day
  • International Fiesta Celebrations + many more

Sports and Societies

  • Allows participation in sports and societies and allows competing at a collegiate level
  • Discounted ticket for Annual Sports and Society Dinner
  • Allows you to hold an executive position such as Captain or President 


  • Allows you to run for committee positions including exec, non-exec, agent and Frep/Wrep
  • Entitles you to college tie or college pin – necessary for formal college attire
  • Allows you to vote in JCR council or in JCR elections
  • Discounted rate on JCR Merchandise 
  • Representation from JCR officers and agents
  • Attendance at JCR only events
  • Free hire of JCR assets including GoPro’s, event supplies, gaming equipment.

If you opt out you must understand the following:

  • You will NOT be able to receive discounted or priority ticket rates
  • Events will be priced at a higher cost, up to an extra £25 for each ball
  • You will NOT be able to compete at a collegiate level for John Snow
  • You can NOT hold an exec position on a sporting team, or society, or on the JCR committee
  • You will be invoiced for any tickets you have purchased at a discounted rate previous to opting out
  • You will be invoiced for either the college tie or pin upon opting out
  • You will NOT receive discounted rates on college merchandise