Welcome to John Snow’s Welfare page

Here you will find all you need to know about Welfare campaigns and what the Welfare team is up to throughout the term.

We have a dedicated team here at Snow who are around to look after your welfare, whether that be walking you home after a night in freshers week, or sitting with you for a tea and a chat if you’re feeling home sick… Our welfare reps can be found wearing light blue if you ever need to find them!



Ellie Caley


I am here to represent the welfare team for John Snow as someone to go to if you have any worries or questions about uni life in general. I have drop ins once a week where I will be free for a chat and I also make a great cup of tea! Throughout the year, myself and Jack alongside our welfare team will be campaigning to make aware several current issues such as sexual health, mental health and drug and alcohol awareness. I hope to be a frequent and friendly face in and around college!


Jack Judge


As Male Welfare Officer I am a point of reference to provide students in John Snow with welfare information and direct students as necessary to the appropriate sources of professional support and advice on a range of issues. I will have weekly office hours if you are in need of a chat! Alongside the Female Welfare Officer, I will run welfare campaigns and work with other college officers to promote welfare causes within the JCR throughout the year. We will be at college events throughout freshers week to ensure all students are safe, settling into Durham life and having a good time!


Alex Tremble, Annabel Reeder, Brinley Powell, Callisto Muysk

Emily Lister, Liv Anderson, Matthew Chapman, Nadine El Ghazzawi

Nora Straw, Rachel Milligan, Sophie O’Sullivan, William Robson

Charlie Tyson, Christina Loane, Daniel Kostick, Benjamin Sutton

Isabella Roberts