We love our balls

No really we do!


Photos taken by Jessica Wang Photography

The Michaelmas Ball is the celebration a successful conclusion of the Michaelmas Term. The first opportunity of the year (of which there are many!) to dress in black tie or your favourite ball gown and enjoy excellent food, while indulging in the provided entertainment!


To end our year on a high, we hold a Summer Ball at one of the many stunning venues around Stockton and Durham. Another chance to wear black tie and ball gowns for an evening of delicious food, wonderful entertainment and of course, the best company Durham has to offer; your fellow John Snow Rangers.

With a new theme every year, it is the job of our ball chair (Richard Freeman) to make the last big event of the year one that will be remembered for years to come. Whether you are reaching the end of your first year at Snow or are a third year getting ready for graduation, this event is the perfect way to end your academic year.


If you wish to have a hand in the organisation of such an unforgettable event, get in touch with Freya Rogers at freya.rogers@durham.ac.uk to join our Ball Committee!