Formal Dinners are a key part of college life at John Snow and something we’re incredibly proud of. These are key networking events throughout the year and is a great excuse to let loose and enjoy the company of your fellow John Snow students.  

Due to the evening being a formal event there are certain rules and etiquette which are to be adhered in order to keep with the formal traditions of these dinners. Formal Dining Rules are printed and displayed on all tables at dinner, these rules are enforced by the College & JCR and the JCR Chairman is responsible for discipline at these dinners.

Dinner is served to the table and wine is available to purchase from the College Wine Sellers before the event. Second and third year formals also take place throughout the academic year.

Dress Code:

Men should wear a dark lounge suit with a jacket or blazer and a light coloured shirt for formal dinners or; the college tie should also be worn and is compulsory for our formal events. Women’s dress should be modest and at a respectable length; shoes should be in keeping with the formal occasion. Women should also wear the John Snow College pin on the left lapel of their gown. Ladies may also bring a small discrete bag for belongings but this should be worn underneath the gown.

Entry may be refused if the dress code is not followed and the JCR Chairman’s decision is final.

The pictures below highlight the differing dress codes for our Formal events for both men and women; and the above information should be followed when dressing for the occasion.

Undergraduate Gowns or Academic Gowns should be worn at all times during formal dinners.