Junior Common Room

John Snow JCR committee 2017/2018

John Snow JCR committee 2017/2018


junior Common Room (JCR)

JCR stands for Junior Common Room, each college has its own JCR. The JCR is at the heart of the college and its role is to ensure that undergraduates are receiving the best student experience possible. The JCR throws events, runs multiple sports teams and even creates societies within college. Furthermore, the committee meet regularly to discuss issues within college, feeding back about their role and what we can do to improve and give our students the best experiences possible.

Each college JCR differs but they ultimately all do the same jobs. The JCRs are run by students who are elected by their peers to run a specific aspect of college life such as balls, welfare campaigns, socials and gowned events(you’ll be able to see the different roles within the John Snow JCR- exec and non-exec on the ‘your JCR’ drop down list). We are self-governed and are in charge of our own finances and activities.

If you want to find out more about a specific officer come and find them through out the year and during fresher’s week! Moreover, if you want to see the JCR do anything different, or there is something you would like (for example a new sports team that we don’t have already) speak to anyone on the JCR committee- we are here to make sure you have the best experience possible!