Durham University boasts a strong collegiate system which makes your student experience special and unique to that of any other university. Durham is split into 16 different colleges, with each student is assigned to a college before they arrive. Your college is a place where you can live, socialise and personally develop. First year students normally live in college accommodation for a year in order to meet new people and socialise with other first years. Being part of a college allows you to not only benefit from being at a large, international university; but also, live within a smaller, friendly college community. 

Each college has its own identity and distinctive character, each defined by its buildings, people and traditions. Your college becomes your home, your family and a defining part of your time at Durham University.

In years to come, when meeting other Durham University graduates, the first question will not be ‘what did you study?’… it will be ‘which college?’

And your answer should most definitely be ‘John Snow.’