Welcome to John Snow College and an exciting new phase in your life. Starting university means much more than studying your subject. Joining a society is a great way to try new things, meet new people and learn new skills. 

As your Societies Officer, I’m keen to involve as many of you as I can in the societies we have on offer. Currently we run successful yoga, ballet and singing societies but we are keen to set up even more, offering people opportunity to expand their student experience. Do you have a special skill or interest you’d love to share with others? It could be photography, fitness or even Frisbee! Whatever your hobby, I can help set up your society, ensuring you have all the necessary equipment and facilities to allow it to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. What’s more, running a society will give you valuable workplace skills, networking experience and the chance to meet fellow college members. 

So, what do you do next? Simply sign up at our sports and societies fair during fresher’s week. And please get in touch with me with any ideas, questions or queries. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Maddy Egan, Societies Officer