Matriculation 2019

Matriculation 2019


Congratulations to those of you who will be joining us here at John Snow in October!

We look forward to meeting you during Induction Week. Below you will find the list of events we will be holding throughout Fresher’s Week and how you can get hold of tickets… Fresher’s Week is a great way to meet new people who are in the same boat as you, socialise with the Snow reps and make friends with your flatmates and people on your course.

As you will see below, we have two event options for some of the nights, this is so we can cater to as many people as possible and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved in college life.

If you have any questions email!

Wednesday 25th September - INTERNATIONAL/post-graduate Games Night

If the jet-lag has not taken over or the train journey here hasn’t taken it out of you join us in the JCR Common Room from 20.00 onwards for a games night!

Thursday 26th September- International/post graduate Games Night/Quiz night

Finally over the jet-lag or is it just beginning? Join us in the games room from 21.00 for (surprise, surprise) a games night! Or test your knowledge in John Snow’s very own quiz in the JCR Common Room!

FRIDAY 27TH September- durham market and INTERNATIONAL WELCOME SU

Luggage restrictions? Forgot to bring bedding? Left something at home? Don’t worry today we will be visiting the market in Durham where you’ll be able to pick up pots, pans, plates and anything else you could possibly need for cheap!

Hopefully you’re now over the jet-lag, come along with us to the SU and ceilidh, karaoke and dance the night away!

Saturday 28th September - FRESHTIVAL (move in day for undergraduates!)

ITS MOVE IN DAY! This is a big day and may seem super daunting, but don’t worry! John Snow will look out for you and before no time you’ll be settled in.

Tonight, the category is neon and glitter realness. Dress the part and join us at Howlands Hall to kick off the week! This is a great opportunity to start getting to know people!

Sunday 29th september - Kings vs queens

The theme of the evening is Kings and Queens, where the guys and girls will have to complete challenges and games before heading off on separate routes led by our FREPs. Girls, get your tiaras on; boys, dust off your crowns as we crown our King and Queen of freshers' week. We will then reunite in Loft.

Don't fancy that? There will also be a board games/games night in the JCR Common Room!

Monday 30th september - the back to school party!

You thought you were done with school? For your third night at university, dress in school-themed fancy dress as we head to test your knowledge at the Library (the bar, not the Billy B) for a pub quiz. Afterwards, we head to Players, or back to college for board games and snacks!

Tuesday 1st October - The Freshers' Formal

This evening, as well as the taking of the 2019 college photo you will have the first of your many formal dinners! Get into your gowns and formal wear for a three course meal! Afterwards take your shoes off and we'll Ceilidh the night away!

Wednesday 2nd October - Sports Night or ART ATTACK!

Sports clubs usually have their socials on a Wednesday, so why should it be different for freshers week? Dress in your active wear whether you play sports or not, and head to the SU for games before heading to Lloyds.

Not feeling so active? We are also holding an art event in college if you would rather let your creative juices flow!

Thursday 3RD October - BLEED BLUE in Newcastle OR ESCAPE ROOMS

John Snow's college colour is blue, so get your blue clothes and face paint on in full force to show your Snow support from head to toe! Tonight we are heading to the bigger city to dance the night away!

OR... think you've got what it takes to escape? Are you great at cracking codes and riddles? Tonight you could instead head to Durham's Escape Rooms! Come along and have a go at getting out!

Friday 4th October - 80s DISCO

Tonight we are taking you back in time... get your leotards, disco pants and legwarmers on for John Snow's very own 80's disco as we head to WiffWaff!

Saturday 5th October - Freshers Fair AND MOVIE MADNESS

Want to find out what sports and societies John Snow college offers? Come to our fresher's fair to get involved! Anyone who wants to come and visit is welcome!

If the long week has taken its toll and you are ready for a night off, or just fancy a movie night, join us in the common room for a film. Bring snacks, pjs and blankets!

But if you’re still awake and can't sit still, carry on the film theme by dressing up as your favourite film characters as we head to Durham's famous nightclub (the worst in Europe), Klute. It's been there since the 80's and probably hasn't changed much!

Sunday 6th October - FRESHERS FINALE

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so today marks the end of John Snow Freshers' Week 2019 . But we wont go quietly! There will be events in college, and they will end at 6pm to allow you to get an early night before your first day of learning at Durham University.

But don’t worry! We’re not gone forever!