Congratulations to those of you who will be joining us here at John Snow in October!

Our Facebook Group is now live, so join this to keep up to date on all things John Snow 2018.

We look forward to meeting you during Induction Week. Below you will find the list of events we will be holding throughout Fresher’s Week and how you can get hold of tickets… Fresher’s Week is a great way to meet new people who are in the same boat as you, socialise with the Snow reps and make friends with your flatmates and people on your course.

As you will see below, we have two event options for some of the nights, this is so we can cater to as many people as possible and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved in college life.

Saturday 29th September - FRESHTIVAL

ITS MOVE IN DAY! This is a big day and may seem super daunting, but don’t worry! John Snow will look out for you and before no time you’ll be settled in.

We will be hosting a festival themed party - FRESHTIVAL. Dress the part and join us on site tonight where you can get to know the students, old and new!

Sunday 30th september - Kings vs queens

Grab your tiaras, glitter and crowns as today our king and queen freshers will be crowned. There will be challenges and games to complete before the girls and boys split. We will then head on a bar crawl through Durham led by our head Freps before being reunited in Fabios Club.

Monday 1st October - Formal/silent disco

This evening will be your debut in your gowns for your first of many formal dinners.

Post formal......silent disco!

Finished your dinner and ready to party?  Come to our very own Igloo for a silent disco.

Tuesday 2nd October - Boat Party OR COCKTAIL/MOCKTAIL CLASS

Jump aboard the Prince Bishop as we party along the river! Tonight we will be having a boat party with the theme of under the sea! Bring your snorkels, scales and swimmers!


Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next best bar tender. Come to our cocktail/mocktail event where you will learn how to make a range of cocktails or

mocktails and even have a go at creating your own!

Wednesday 3rd October - Sports Night or escape rooms!

Sports clubs usually have their socials on a Wednesday, so why should it be any different for freshers week. Tonight dress up in your active wear whether you play sports on not as we head to Llyods Bar, after we have had our very own sports day(evening) at snow.

Think you've got what it takes to escape? Great at cracking codes and riddles? Tonight were heading to Durhams Escape rooms! Come along and have a go at trying to get out!

Thursday 4th October - Netflix and chill

Wanting a night off or just in the mood for a movie? Join us in the igloo for a good old film night. Bring snacks, pjs and blankets for a recharge.

If you’re still awake and can’t sit still long enough for a movie get into your PJs and join us in Wiff Waff for a night which will be far from chill.

Friday 5th October - Snow angels or Infinate air

Spread your wings as you leave home innocent angels and become apart of snow. Tonight we will be climbing the stairway to heaven (or as some call it Loft club). Dress in white and get your halos ready for a big night ahead.

Infinate air Freshers week got you jumping for joy?? Keep jumping higher at our local trampoline park. Join a group of reps with an action packed evening of trampolining, dodgeball, foam pits and more!

Saturday 6th October - Get in the bin

If you didn’t know already Durham is home to the worst night club in Europe and it wouldn’t be freshers week without visiting! As this club is garbage we might as well dress like it! Make sure you save those moving in boxes and bin bags. Use your spare time throughout the week to get crafty and create an outfit out of trash! There will prizes for the best worst outfit!

Dressing like trash isn’t you’re scene? Still want to do something on a Saturday night? Tonight we have an exclusive dinner in the local favourite La Spaghettata.

Sunday 7th October - FRESHERS FINALE

Sadly all good things must come to an end. Today will mark the end of John Snow Freshers week 2018. This event will be during the afternoon and will allow you to have a nice early night before your first full day of learning begins at Durham university! There will be food, drinks and music to bring out jam packed week to a close.