The Junior Common Room seeks to aid it’s members in their own personal development. To this end a development fund is available and members may apply in order to receive financial assistance.

Funds awarded are intended to benefit students engaged in personal development which features a cost to the individual which they would otherwise not be able to afford.

Examples of these include, but are not limited to; volunteering abroad or at home; charity work including expeditions; attending a conference / paying publication fees; attendance at University or country- level sport, music, art, or performance events.

Priority will be given to applications which the individual student has sourced and organised themselves, rather than semi-organised activities such as DUCK expeditions.

How to Apply

Applications are reviewed termly, the dates and deadlines will be communicated be email from the JCR. Applicants should email where you will receive back an application form. Applications will be discussed by a panel before a decision is made. The panel takes input from College, SCR, Alumni Officer & JCR.


Funds are expressly not available to help students pay their tuition fees or meet normal costs of living. Please visit the Student Support Officer for details regarding what other sources of funding are available to you.

In addition, it is expected that successful applicants provide the necessary financial records to demonstrate the use of funds awarded as appropriate to what was agreed by the panel. Where possible and practical, money may be paid directly to the relevant activity on behalf of the student.

It is also expected that all successful applicants provide a short report following their activity which may then be used in the College or JCR newsletter or take part in a presentation day to report back on their activity. This is also a valuable stage in the personal development process.

Applicants must be levy paying members of John Snow JCR.